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Hurry! Old Town community garden has three open spots

The community garden in Old Town is all ready for a June 1 start date and organizer Julian Trachsel says there are three plots available.

“Due to changes in circumstances, a couple of people who had committed earlier are no longer participating this year,” Trachsel said in a message to The Lake Report.

“As a result I do have three 10-foot by 10-foot plots available for planting this year.”

Anyone who would like to claim one of the spots better act fast as they were previously all sold out. 

If you're interested, contact Trachsel at newarkparkcommunitygarden@gmail.com.

The garden's 32 plots have already been laid out, a water line installed, the turf scraped and fresh soil brought in, he said.

“The plots still need a bit of work but we are close. The town has done a fabulous job bringing this project along in two months since approval,” said Trachsel.


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