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A new scam targets online job seekers, police warn

Police are warning the public of multiple complaints about online scams targeting citizens seeking work-from-home administrative jobs through employment websites.

Victims have reportedly had their money stolen and their personal information compromised.

The NRP said in a media release Thursday that victims were contacted by phone or email after posting or responding to job ads online.

The scammer allegedly pretends to be an out-of-the-country employer looking for local assistance taking payments from suppliers, making travel arrangements, paying invoices, etc.

Victims were required to use their personal bank accounts to take payments through cheques and then transfer that money to other accounts.

“At some point after transferring money, the victim is notified by their bank that the cheques were fraudulent,” police said, adding that the “employer” would then cancel their phone or email and become impossible to contact.

Some scams also required victims to receive and send packages, according to police.

The NRP is encouraging job seekers to exercise caution and be diligent in verifying the legitimacy of prospective employers and online job offers.

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