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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Shelves are bare at Newark Neighbours food bank

Easter is coming and the shelves at Newark Neighbours are almost bare, so the charity is calling on Niagara-on-the-Lake residents to demonstrate their generous spirit for families in need.

“We received a literal mountain of food at Christmas, so much so we had to rent a pod to store it all. It’s gone. It’s all gone,” Newark’s chair Cindy Grant said in an interview.

With Easter approaching, Grant said she noticed they did not have enough supplies to create holiday hampers for all the families who rely on Newark.

Several weeks ago the food bank started calling out for more donations.

That worked — to an extent.

“Bags and boxes and cartons are coming in every day. But — and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I’m not ungrateful — but we need a lot more,” Grant said.

It’s not entirely unusual for the shelves to start getting thin, but the last year has been particularly good for the charity, she said.

What has hit Newark Neighbours hard in the last few months is a sharp rise in the number of families who need their help.

Where Newark normally helps provide for about 35 families, now about 70 need the help of the food bank – and the people of NOTL.

Grant said the rising cost of living has exacerbated problems for many families.

Her message is simple: “If you can help, please, please do so.”

Monetary donations are welcome, as Newark will go out and purchase items it needs. The agency plans to buy a ham or turkey for every family come Easter.

Among the desired donations are canned green beans, peas, pineapple and gravy, stuffing mix, snack crackers, cookies and cranberry sauce.

A specific list of needed food supplies can be found on its website,