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Monday, September 26, 2022
Garrison House hosting Top Chef Canada winner for special dinner

Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Garrison House restaurant is gearing up to host two Top Chef Canada chefs for a night of local spring food.

Winner Erica Karbelnick and her husband Josh (a finalist) will join chef David Watt for a night that will see local ingredients cooked up by the award-winning chefs, both who are Niagara College culinary graduates.

Watt, owner and chef at the Garrison House, said the May 15 evening is meant to showcase the talent of the Karbelnicks and the culinary forces that come out of Niagara, including the local ingredients.

It’s also an homage to the success of his friends — Josh worked for Watt years ago at his restaurant Zest.

The plan is to source as many spring ingredients as possible locally, Watt said.

“We’re going to go to Thwaites to get the asparagus. Andrew Ball and Levi (Brant) are going to forage, hopefully, morel mushrooms, but a mushroom of some sort,” he said.

“Whatever we can get — rhubarb, St. Davids peppers, stuff like that. So we’re trying to get as much local product but you know, it’s spring right? There’s not much coming out of the ground.”

The restaurant is also joining forces with five local partners, Niagara College, which will host the reception, Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery, Big Head Wines, winemaker Thomas Bachelder and Arterra Wines Canada (which operates Jackson-Triggs and other wineries).

The dinner will take place Sunday, May 15, at 5 p.m. at Garrison House. Tickets are still available and anyone interested can reserve a spot by emailing