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NOTL woman running weekend food drive to help fill St. Catharines community fridge

Catherine Leniarsky doesn't want to see anyone go hungry.

The 33-year-old woman from Niagara-on-the-Lake is on a weekend mission to help stock the Lincoln County Community Fridge in St. Catharines, after hearing they're having a hard time keeping it filled.

“I saw an article the other day about the community fridge being empty, so I took a drive there before work one morning and found an absolutely empty fridge,” Leniarsky told The Lake Report.

“My heart broke for anyone who travelled who knows how far to reach that fridge only to remain hungry. I jumped into action. I shot a little video in my car to get things going.”

Leniarsky will be posting three needed items on her social media every day, and is encourage people to donate either the items or the monetary value of these items — or however much they can afford.

She hopes to be able to get at least five of each item daily.

“No donation is too small,” she said.

She will then head to the store and pick up needed items to help stock the fridge.

Anyone interested in donating can do so via email transfer to catml@live.com, or they can purchase the items and she will pick up on Sunday.

“There is such a great need right now,” Leniarsky said.

“Many hard working people have to resort to food banks to make ends meet. As one I can only do so much but with the generosity around me we can feed so many.”

She said one “really special thing” about the community fridge is people can just stop by, no questions asked.

“It’s open 7-7 everyday and you can go at your leisure. It’s a way to keep dignity for those that may have trouble asking for help. It’s more of a shopping experience than having to register somewhere or explain yourself.”

Leniarsky will be collecting donations until Sunday.

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