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Court fines St. Catharines landlord for fire code violations

The landlord of a St. Catharines rental property was fined $5,000 by the Ontario Court of Justice on Friday for not having working carbon monoxide alarms installed as required by the Ontario Fire Code.

A city of St. Catharines media release said the property owner failed to install working carbon monoxide alarms outside of two basement bedrooms as required by law. 

The court imposed a $2,500 fine plus court costs for each of the violations.

St. Catharines Fire and Emergency Management Services discovered the rental property was missing carbon monoxide alarms while investigating the cause of a kitchen fire in December 2017.

“Carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms are proven to help save lives, but only if they are installed and maintained in working order and an escape plan is acted upon,” said Acting Fire Chief Jeff McCormick. 

“Landlords must protect their tenants with these critical, life-saving devices. It’s the law.”

The Ontario Fire Code requires working carbon monoxide alarms outside sleeping areas at properties where a fuel-burning appliance is installed. 

Fire code violations relating to carbon monoxide alarms could result in fines up to $50,000 for individuals and up to $100,000 for corporations.

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