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Speed limit to be cut near dangerous Con. 6 intersection

After numerous accidents, traffic lights or a roundabout also are possible


Niagara-on-the-Lake council wants to reduce the speed limit on Concession 6 Road between York and Queenston roads to 60 km/h from 80 km/h following a string of scary collisions this year.

And a roundabout or traffic signal could be in the intersection's future.

The speed limit change is expected to be approved at a council meeting on Dec. 20.

“With the opening of the Mewburn Bridge, it’s fair to say that we’ve got a lot more traffic that’s happening in that area,” regional director of transportation Carolyn Ryall said during a council meeting on Nov. 22.

“We’ve been working and monitoring very closely the improvements we’ve been putting out there to deal with some of the driver behaviour and a number of the angle collisions.”

So far at the intersection the region has installed oversized stop-signs, “stop ahead” warning signs, pavement markings and reduced speed along sections of York Road, Ryall said.

She said the region is planning on installing “Cross traffic does not stop” warning signs on Mewburn and Concession 6 roads.

“Eventually we’ll be targeting this intersection for a future review on whether a traffic signal and or roundabout will be the best use,” she said.

Associate transportation director Frank Trassone said the intersection was reviewed around 2015.

“That report recommended the roundabout at Concession 6,” he told councillors.

Lord Mayor Betty Disero says the York and Concession 6 intersection would be a better place for the region to build the roundabout it is planning at Four Mile Creek and York Roads in St. Davids.

“I’m not an engineer, but I would think with all the accidents happening at Concession 6 and York Road that’s the place for the roundabout,” Disero said in an interview. 

She pointed out regional council approved a motion asking for an exit from Highway 405 to the Mewburn Bridge on Concession 6 Road.

“If that’s the case, people that are just driving through to get to the highway can take that area instead of going through the village (of St. Davids),” eliminating the need for the roundabout in St. Davids, she said.

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