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Gun amnesty sees 267 guns recovered so far

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are midway through a month-long gun amnesty program which allows people to safely dispose of restricted firearms to police without facing charges.

So far 267 guns have been collected.

“This is for any Ontario resident who wants to get rid of or surrender any unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, and that includes all the accessories and ammunition that goes along with it,” said OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

He said if these types of weapons get in the hands of criminals they can lead to “all sorts” of crimes and offences.

“The more weapons we take off the streets, the safer we’re all going to be.”

On top of the guns police have also recovered 5,200 rounds of ammunition as of April 16.

Niagara Regional Police have joined OPP in efforts to recover all types of firearms and accessories, including replica and vintage weapons and ammunition.

Niagara police are asking interested gun owners to call 905-688-4111 to arrange for officers to attend and safely retrieve the weapons.

Police said under no circumstances should anyone deliver guns or ammunition directly to police facilities.

Interested gun owners can also notify police of unwanted firearms at, opp.ca/gunamnesty.

The amnesty is in effect until April 30.


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