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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Exploring Photos with the NOTL Museum: The apothecary

In the late 1860s Henry Paffard moved his apothecary business into the newly renovated building at the corner of King Street. He was the first of a series of druggist-owners including John De Witt Randall, A.J. Coyne and E.W. Field. Field retired in 1964, which is sometime after this photo was taken. The building, restored mainly through the efforts of our local Niagara Foundation, reopened in 1971 as a museum dedicated to the history of pharmacology. It is operated and maintained by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. One of our online lectures discussed the findings of the archeological dig that occurred here in recent years. Readers can find a link to it through our YouTube page. Photos, such as this one, are featured in our current exhibition, “Photographic Memory,” which displays images of our community from 1945 to 1985, along with related memorabilia. Make sure to pop in and see the comparisons of then and now. My, my, how we’ve changed!

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