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SOREnominated for conservancy award

Save our Rand Estate, the community group best known as SORE, has been fighting since 2018 to protect the historic property in Old Town.

Now, the group has been recognized by the Architectural Conservancy Ontario for its ongoing efforts, and is nominated for the Margaret and Nicholas Hill Cultural Landscape Award.

“SORE has been a pivotal force in the protection of this historic estate, spurring significant community action,” the nomination reads.

SORE welcomed the honour and noted the efforts of the group and the town “with respect to the iconic Rand Estate are clearly being followed and applauded by ‎the heritage community provincially and beyond.”

“SORE is gratified to be recognized by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario for the almost four years of hard work ‎pushing back on Benny Marotta's outrageous plans for and activities at the Rand Estate,” Lyle Hall said in an email on behalf of the group.

“The recognition is nice but the commitment is and will be there regardless of whether SORE is given this award.”

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario was created in 1933 by Dr. Eric Arthur, a professor at the University of Toronto, to save the Barnum House near Grafton, Ont.

Since then the organization has documented and saved hundreds of heritage sites across Ontario

The Margaret and Nicholas Hill award was named for a couple who worked for nearly four decades with the conservancy and helped to protect and establish heritage areas throughout the province.

Award winners will be announced on Oct. 14.

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