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Voting lines moved well, with few delays at NOTL polling stations

Lines were short and moved steadily at Niagara-on-the-Lake polling stations as people cast ballots in the federal election on Monday.

It took NOTL resident Peter Alexander less than five minutes to vote at the NOTL Community Centre in the late afternoon.

He hadn't expected to wait very long.

“I kind of figured if I slipped in just before dinnertime or at the end of work it should be good,” Alexander said.

Supervisors of the polling stations, like Sandra Bott at the community centre, said that despite a steady flow of people there was never a huge lineup of voters. A week earlier, during four days of advance polls, some people complained of long waits.

“It’s been a very fast process,” Bott told The Lake Report on Monday.

“When people don’t have all the information they need, we send them off to the registration desk and we have two registration officers that have been dynamite in getting people where they need to be.”

At the Shaw's Festival Theatre, supervisor Wendy Lavigne said there were some short lines in the morning, but throughout voting day everything was “running really, really smoothly.”

“There had been an awful lot of advanced polls that were very busy, so there was a lot of people who voted ahead of time,” Lavigne said.

Some NOTL residents, like Patricia Atherton, saw no lines at the Shaw polling station upon arrival and took less than two minutes to complete the voting process from the time she walked in the door.

James Cadeau, a NOTL resident and supervisor at the Holiday Inn Express voting location in Glendale, said the only time there was a line of voters was the mid-morning.

“We wouldn’t have been able to have things run so smoothly without the great team we had,” Cadeau said.

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