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Monday, August 8, 2022
Slow down, deputy chief tells drivers on first day of school

Kids were eager to get to class — and to get home, on the first day of school Tuesday.

Longtime St. Davids Public School crossing guard Victor Tee, along with Niagara Regional Police Deputy Chief Brett Flynn and Const. Mike Malachowski, were eager to make sure they did it safely.

Niagara police were out in force making sure drivers obeyed speed limits and drove safely around school zones across the region.

“I think today, as much as anything else, is about the messaging with the kids being back in school, making sure there’s visibility and people are aware,” Flynn said.

He said it was important this year because people, particularly kids going back to school, have not been used to busy streets throughout the pandemic.

“Slow down,” Flynn said, “especially since school buses are back out on the streets now and we’ve got a lot of kids who don’t have exposure to traffic.”

By the end of the day the police issued 42 tickets for speeding, two for distracted driving, two for not properly wearing their seatbelts and one for passing a stopped school bus, according to a media release.

“Today’s a big splash day for us,” Flynn said. “We don’t always get to do this but we think it’s important on the first day of school to help remind everyone.” 

Tee has been helping kids cross the street safely in St. Davids for nine years.

“The kids are always great here. They’re anxious to get to school this year,” he said with a laugh.