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Sorella Niagara market showcases arts, crafts and new local business

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum was packed with vendors outdoors on Saturday, selling various arts and crafts during the first-ever Sorella Niagara market.

Bianca Sorrenti, a St. Davids resident who runs the market with her friend Stephanie Panucci, said the first day was a success, and they plan to do it again in various locations in Niagara.

“It’s going well. I mean the weather turned out perfectly,” said Sorrenti.

 “The NOTL Museum is beautiful. It’s a great location and close to the main street, so we’re getting lots of traffic and lots of exposure, which is great for our vendors.”

Both women thanked the museum for letting them use the lawn and for helping with the event.

Two other young female entrepreneurs also used the venue as a way to kick off their new NOTL photography business, Selfie Mode.

Katrina Boccia and Michaela Grant set up their selfie booth for the first time to give a preview of what they offer — a place for friends, families, photographers or anyone else to come and take photos against pristine backdrops.

“We have 13 different Insta-worthy backdrops that we’ve created — everything from the '90s to your private jet sets, and everything in between,” Boccia said.

“Our backdrops change within different holidays and stuff, so we’ll do a Christmas one, Halloween one. We have all that planned out as well.”

Boccia said there’s a backdrop “for everybody.”

The two are hosting a grand opening for Selfie Mode’s own location on Aug. 21, at 376 Mary St.

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