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Silversmith expansion to double seating capacity

Construction is underway for a new expansion at Silversmith Brewing Company in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The new development, which broke ground in January, will increase the establishment's seating capacity from 50 to around 100, said Silversmith president and CEO Chris Pontsioen.

He said the expansion will see the kitchen and retail area relocated to the new addition, along with a new bar, expanded office space and a private event area.

The addition is going to be “a real juxtaposition to the church,” Ponstioen said, and will include two upper levels.

Seating inside the original building will also be expanded, while the basement section of the new building will be used as a beer production facility.

“People want to participate in the church environment, so we’re going to provide more room for that,” said Pontsioen.

He said the additional space will reduce wait times during busy hours and allow the brewery to make more beer.

“We really want to be able to reduce (wait times) and get people in so they can have their experience here without having to go through the trouble.”

Pontsioen said the private event area will also allow the brewery to host events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions and corporate dinners.

“We going to be able to offer a dedicated or separated event space which is a challenge for us now … because the pub is always full.”

Discussions around the expansion have been in the works for a couple years, Pontsioen said, based on what customers have said they'd like to see.

“We’re a pretty customer-centric organization,” he continued. “And so we are building in response to all those requests.”

The expansion is expected to be completed by fall 2018.

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