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Friday, June 14, 2024
NOTLers happy to get second jab

The COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Niagara-on-the-Lake was bustling on Monday, with lines of people headed in for their second dose.

Everyone in line seemed happy, with many people looking forward to getting back to normal life once they're fully protected from the virus that's killed at least 3.87 million people globally in less than two years.

“I couldn't be happier,” said Jack Bulmer, who received his first dose March 23.

He said he hopes the pandemic is coming to an end. Having a second dose gives him a sense of relief, so he's not too worried.

“I just followed the rules and here we are. A lot less decisions to be made, you know, 'where do we go, where do we go eat?' We don't have to make any decisions any more. Just stay at home and eat what's in the fridge.”

He's most looking forward to eating out again and hopefully returning to his Florida home for the winter months.

“I missed out last year,” he said, adding going south depends on how well Florida is doing.

“As long as they keep doing what they're supposed to be doing down there, you know, because there's a lot of rednecks down there,” he said.

Donna Hatton, who lives in St. Davids, was glad to be getting her second dose, too. She received her first shot in April and said she's happy the second dose was moved up.

All of her family lives in the United States, so she hasn't seen them in six months. She travelled once across the border to see them and is hoping the next time she won't have to quarantine.

“I really miss that social contact,” she said.

She said she plans on taking things carefully when she does visit — “no shopping, just to visit them,” she said.

She's also looking forward to “being able to plan ahead.”

“I feel like we've been on hold for a good long time,” she said, noting it's been easier for her being retired.

Don Cameron, who lives in Old Town, didn't have any major plans on the go.

“I'm going home to have lunch,” he said after leaving the clinic fresh from receiving his second jab.

For him, life “hasn't changed” much, he said. He doesn't go out to restaurants often and is more of a homebody.

Getting his first shot in March was a bigger relief than his final dose, as the protection rate was still quite high.

“They told us that at least if we got the virus, we wouldn't have to go to hospital.”

Meanwhile, he has happily been carrying on with life and still doing his shopping and other chores.

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