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NOTL considering indoor pool

The town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is looking to see if there is community interest in building an indoor pool.

An Indoor Pool Committee, approved by town council to gather information and assist in determining if there is a need for such a pool, has completed the research stage of the project and is now reaching out to residents to find out what they think via the town's online platform Join the Conversation.

In order to construct an indoor pool, the committee suggests closing one or both of the current outdoor pools in St. Davids and at Municipal Park.

The town and the committee have both been clear that no decisions have been made yet.

The report says the St. Davids pool has exceeded its lifespan and needs replacing.

Similarly, the pool at Municipal Park is expected to exceed its lifespan by 2030.

The survey asks residents whether they would like to see new pools, splash pad or the pools removed entirely and replaced with park space at both locations.

Currently, both pools create a town deficit of more than $105,000.

The town estimates every $100,000 spent on operational costs for an indoor pool would result in a property tax increase of $9.27, applicable to the town's portion only.

The current estimated cost of an indoor pool is around $800,000, which would result in a tax increase of $74.16, the survey says.

A report will go to council in May with recommendations based on resident feedback and the committee's research.

If it were to go forward, the project has interest in partnership from YCMA and the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara.

The Boys and Girls Club said they would be interested in adding to the building and would contribute their own fundraising dollars.

The survey asks residents whether they would be open to a partnership or whether a potential new pool should stay solely in the hands of the town.

NOTL residents who would like to give their opinions can do so by registering at jointheconversationnotl.org and taking a short survey.

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