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Niagara Health St. Catharines Site turns five

Niagara Health’s St. Catharines Site hospital will celebrate its fifth birthday on Saturday.

In reflection, Niagara Health has provided a list of some of its major accomplishments at the site since its opening.

When the new hospital replaced the old St. Catharines General Hospital on Queen St., it brought a new standard of hospital care to the region and saw the introduction of new and enhanced programs.

Five years later, thousands of patients have access to vital healthcare services in Niagara.

“The state-of-the-art St. Catharines Site has been the catalyst for a number of significant enhancements to patient care,” said Niagara Health president Suzanne Johnston, in a NH press release.

“We’re excited to be celebrating the fifth birthday of our St. Catharines Site and the many accomplishments since the opening,” said John MacDonald, chairman of Niagara Health’s board of directors.

“Many hands contributed to our extraordinary successes over the past five years to enhance healthcare for residents across Niagara. Our journey together continues to create a Healthier Niagara.”

Below is a “snapshot” of some of the hospital’s highlights, provided by Niagara Health.

Cancer Care

The Walker Family Cancer Centre brought radiation treatment and other oncology services to Niagara for the first time. Since 2013, more than 3,600 patients have received radiation treatment at the St. Catharines Site.

“Staying in Niagara (for radiation treatment) was really very helpful. I only had to drive 20 minutes. When I was coming five days a week, that made quite a difference as opposed to anticipating having to drive possibly a couple of hours,” says Sandy McBay, who received treatment for breast cancer.

Cardiac Care

The hospital said is has significantly expanded its Cardiac Care program and added new procedures in recent years, due largely to the opening of a Heart Investigation Unit (HIU). 

The HIU brought in cardiac diagnostic procedures and interventional treatments not previously available in Niagara. 

Since 2013, more than 10,000 procedures have been performed at the HIU.

“Every week in my clinic, one of the first questions patients ask is, ‘Will I have to go to Hamilton to have this done?’” said Cardiologist Dr. Adnan Hameed.

“It’s incredible to be able to turn to them and tell them that this can now be done in St. Catharines,” 

Mental Health and Addictions

The Mental Health and Addictions Program boasts the largest physical footprint in the hospital building and has introduced a number of new specialized programs, including services for patients requiring longer-term treatment in hospital and psychiatric emergency care.

“We’re really working hard within our multi-disciplinary team to provide a lot of different services for people with addictions and mental health concerns. The team here works really well together,” said Nurse Practitioner Shahnawaz Ali.

More information about how patient care has been enhanced over the past five years can be found at, niagarahealth.on.ca.

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