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Niagara Falls
Friday, December 8, 2023
On the lighter side: That’s a bulldog in the window

Richard West
Special to Niagara Now/The Lake Report

I enjoy a daily walk around NOTL, especially during the year of COVID.

A month or so ago, I was returning home up Gate Street and I noticed a bulldog looking out a window. It stared at me as I passed and kept watching me as I continued my walk.

Last weekend Sylvie and I were returning from our walk and we passed the house again and sure enough there was the bulldog watching the world go by.

Sylvie just had to go and say hello. We invaded the privacy of the driveway and approached the door, hoping we wouldn’t upset the dog.

Well, we didn’t upset it. Mainly because the bulldog is a hologram stuck to the inside of the glass. It is designed so that wherever you are as you walk by, you think it is watching you.

In these unusual times, it is wonderful to know there are people with a sense of humour.

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