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Monday, January 30, 2023
Editorial: Please, trust the miracle of modern science

The Lake Report is encouraging everyone to register for the COVID-19 vaccine, any vaccine, as early as possible.

It’s almost impossible to put into words how impressed we are with humanity.

Imagine two different images, one of a small human David compared to the Goliath of nature, each staring each other down. The tiny human looks a fraction of the size of the giant and there is no comparison as to who is at the mercy of whom.

That’s where the world was during the last major pandemic, the Spanish Flu a century ago.

Now, imagine that same image, except this time the small human David is equal to the size of the Goliath rearing its head.

The human has almost a smug look on his/her face, suggesting a “bring it on” attitude.

That’s where we are in 2021, thanks to incredibly smart people who have mapped the human genome, understood complex bio-chemistry and brought us to the point where a year after nature threw us a devasting curve ball, we’re already tackling it head-on.

To not be impressed by that accomplishment is to simply not understand the progress humanity has made.

And now, if we all do get vaccinated, we can look forward to opening up our economy again and getting back at it bigger and better than ever.

It doesn’t mean we can all go out right away — it’s going to take a while for the vaccine rollout to reach all of the population, and in the meantime, it’s still our duty to act responsibly to protect our fellow inhabitants of this fragile planet.

But as those appointments become available, through Niagara Health, public health, pharmacies or family doctors, make sure to act quickly in getting your shots.

This is quite literally a miracle of modern science.

So trust the science, trust the people who are working so hard to make history and keep others alive to be a part of our future.

Just get your vaccine.

To the naysayers: educate yourselves about the vaccine from reputable sources — not your friends on Facebook.

It’s time for us as a collective civilization to get behind science instead of fighting it.

Nothing else — no God, no delusional YouTube video, no conspiracy theorist — is going to protect you or your loved ones from this virus.

But luckily, thankfully, incredibly, we do have something that will.

And it’s about 100 per cent effective in preventing COVID-19 related deaths and hospitalizations.

Act wisely. Get the shot.


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