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St. Patricks day R.I.D.E. sees no drunk drivers

Of around 1,000 drivers stopped during a St. Catharines R.I.D.E. check this St. Patrick’s Day, none were found to be impaired.

Police say they were out by 2 p.m. Saturday looking for impaired drivers and noted many of the drivers stopped were taxis and Uber drivers.

Officers requested five breath samples during the check, though all were found to be within the acceptable range of alcohol consumption, less than 0.08 blood alcohol content.  

Police say they did issue several tickets throughout the day, including one to a driver who transporting a person in the trunk of their vehicle. The driver in question was charged with stunting, had their licence taken away and their vehicle impounded for seven days.

Another driver was found to have a suspended licence and was driving without insurance.

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