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Shaw Festival gets $1 million from province

Grant is part of program to help arts organizations bounce back from pandemic


The Shaw Festival is getting $1 million from the province to help it recover from the pandemic.

The money is part of more than $25 million being spent to help artists and arts organizations that have been affected by COVID-19.

The Niagara Symphony Orchestra will also receive $52,061.

“Ontario's arts sector, like so many of the province's heritage, sport, tourism and culture industries, was among the first and hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a 'high-touch' sector that depends on gatherings of people and will take the longest to recover,” Heritage Minister Lisa MacLeod said in a media release.

“Arts and cultural festivals, live musicians, writers, filmmakers, art galleries, and dance and theatre companies are vital to the cultural fabric of this province,” she said. 

“They also play an important role in the mental health and well-being of Ontarians and an equally important role in the province’s economic and social recovery.”

Tim Jennings, Shaw's executive director, said, “We cannot overstate the value of this investment by the province into Ontario's arts and culture institutions or thank the ministry enough.”

“As one of the Niagara Region's 20 largest employers, and an economic generator that anchors thousands of related tourism jobs for our local wineries, hotels, restaurants and retail shops, the Shaw Festival knows that we, and our colleagues across the province, are deeply and intrinsically linked to the economic success and stability of our communities, as well as their cultural health,” Jennings said.


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