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May. 27, 2022 | Friday
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Pet grooming can resume, with conditions
Tania Sapielak, owner of The Mutt Hutt. (File photo)

Pet groomers can begin to offer some services again, with conditions.

On Wednesday, the province amended its emergency order regulations to allow pet groomers to open back up, effective Feb. 4, provided the service is "strictly necessary to prevent an animal from requiring foreseeable and reasonably imminent veterinary care," said the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake in a news release.

Further, a pet grooming business may only reopen if it provides the services by appointment, permits only one appointment for one animal at a time and provides services through curbside pick-up and drop-off of the animal.

The town said it "remains aligned with the province in its position that pet grooming businesses may reopen only if they meet and comply with the permitted services and required conditions."

"All other use and services remain prohibited."

Pet groomers are also expected to keep information about the appointment in case of complaints, including the time of appointment, a photo of the pet prior to grooming, name and contact information of the pet owner and the colour, make and model of the vehicle used in drop-off and pick-up the animal.

The town said the information is "intended to assist pet grooming services in managing complaints that may be lodged with the town."

"There is no intention by the Town to take possession of any personal information. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Craig Larmour, director of community and development services, at," the town said.

"Should a complaint be lodged with the town, enforcement staff will first contact the pet grooming business directly. The availability of the information listed above will enable staff to quickly determine compliance/non-compliance and avoid disruption of service providers at their place of business.