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NOTL family hits jackpot on ‘Family Feud Canada’



The Gaios said they didn’t realize until after their first episode of "Family Feud Canada" aired that so many people in the community were watching and cheering them on.

The Niagara-on-the-Lake family won $10,000 during Monday night's episode but lost on the second night, broadcast Tuesday. Despite that, everyone was on cloud nine and thrilled with the experience.

They met virtually for a video chat viewing party with daughter Hailey in England and twin sister Danielle, Ryan, his fiance Sarah at home. Sarah's family even joined in from Calgary. Katherine and Walter sat at home in NOTL watching the episode, wearing their plaid shirts and game show name badges.

Katherine said the name badges are a great memento of the experience and host Gerry Dee autographed their Fast Money card. "Our producer said he only gives an autograph to people he likes."

The parents said they are feel fortunate to live in "such a great, caring and supportive community."

"It was just so cool that so many people were watching that don't even know us," the mother of three said.

Katherine said she even stayed up until 1 a.m. that first night, answering messages and liking comments from friends, family and others in the community they had never met.

“They were just saying the kindest, nicest things,” she said.

In an interview with The Lake Report Tuesday, Katherine said her husband, who operates a tender fruit farm on Concession 1, was even recognized for his game show debut by a cashier at Valu-mart.

People watching along at home were paying attention to every answer and even commented about specific answers on some Facebook posts.

“Walter’s now Mr. Saturday Night,” she said.

In the final or “Fast Money” round of Monday’s episode, the Gaios had the chance to win $10,000.

Walter and Danielle competed in the last round where teams have two chances to compile a total of 200 points.

One family member goes back backstage while the other has 20 seconds to answer five survey questions. The score for each answer is based on how many people gave the same response for that survey question.

The second family member then comes out and has 25 seconds to answer the same five questions, but with different survey answers. Scores are tallied at the end of each player’s turn.

Danielle finished the first round with 107 points and then it was Walter’s turn. He only needed 93 points to take home the win.

“It all happens so fast, you blurt out anything,” he said. “If you’ve ever watched past episodes, some of the answers come out of people’s mouths and you’re like, what!?”

When Dee asked him, “What night of the week do you never make plans,” Walter had "Hockey Night in Canada" on the brain when he answered, “Saturday.”

“At least I was in the ballpark, I named a night of the week,” he said.

That answer ended up being the two points that made the difference.

“Thank goodness there were two people, if we didn’t get those two people, we wouldn’t have got the 200 right on the nose,” Katherine said.

“Just the way it all happened with the sudden death, Katherine came through and saved our tail. She got us to that point and ending up with 200 right on,” said Walter. “It’s very unlikely that happens.”

He said it was nice to think that people probably never laughed as much as they did Monday night in a long time or at least were able to forget about a bit of what’s going on in the world and enjoy the episode.

Remembering those moments during the recording and watching the finished episodes were funny to relive, said Katherine.

“I’m glad they kept in moments like Walter’s Saturday night answer,” she said.

“It was really funny at the time and, I mean, part of us were kind of cringing inside because we were like, ‘Oh my gosh Walter, why would you say Saturday night?’”

“But then Gerry just made fun with it and then it was just like, what are you gonna do? Let’s just have fun with this.”

When the episode was filmed back in October, after winning on their first appearance on the show the five contestants grabbed a bottle of champagne and ordered pizza to their hotel room.

Katherine said they spent the night regrouping and talking about the surreal experience.

“It was a really amazing moment to just soak it all in and just be like, what the heck just happened? That really happened?” she said.

The Gaios plan to use their winnings for a family trip to visit Hailey in England (once travel is allowed) and plan to give some to charity.

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