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Someone in Chautauqua isn’t happy about dog poop in the park

A resident of Niagara-on-the-Lake's Chautauqua neighbourhood seems to be extremely angry about people leaving dog poop at the park.

A neighbourhood resident dicovered signs around the neighbourhood on Jan. 2 and sent photos to The Lake Report.

The signs, which have parts underlined in red and seem to have been heavily taped to hydro poles, scold whoever isn't picking up after their pet.

“This is not your personal property. Kids play here. Pick up your dog s***!” the sign says, underneath large text with a reference to the town bylaw that requires owners to pick up their pet waste.

“You must be new to the neighbourhood,” the sign assumes.

“Stop leaving your dog s*** behind. Bylaw 2002-89 — obey it,” it finishes.



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