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Non-essential travel puts front-line workers at risk: Fire chief

Non-essential travel doesn't just put the travellers at risk, says Niagara-on-the-Lake fire chief Nick Ruller.

Ruller reminded council and the public that leaving the house during the pandemic can have “unintended consequences.” 

“One of our biggest concerns that we've had throughout this evolving pandemic has been the unintended consqeuences that can occur from simple things like non-essential travel.” he told council during the final meeting of 2020, just before the province went into lockdown.

Ruller said it's important to highlight there are implications that often aren't in the forefront of people's minds.

“However, a simple motor vehicle collision can involve several police officers, several paramedics, eight to 10 firefighters,” he said. “Essentially we are putting our essential workers at greater risk if we don't abide by the recommendations of public health.”

The chief encouraged people to listen to public health recommendations to avoid all non-essential travel.

“That really means don't leave your home unless you're leaving for things like getting groceries, access to health care and things along those lines.”

Ruller asked residents to help assist volunteer firefighters in keeping people and their families safe by staying home.


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