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Noisy grate a nuisance for neighbours

Editor's note: Since the interview for this story, the neighbours said asphalt was put down in some areas of the street. They say it has reduced the noise problem, but not resolved the issue completely.

Two NOTLers who live near the intersection of Mississagua Street and John Street West say they're fed up with a loud banging from traffic hitting a loose grate.

“It's made me crazy since I moved in. And I don't hear the traffic, I don't hear anything but that — Ba-dun-ka-dun — ba-dun-ka-dun,” says Katie Aeby. “Every single time a car goes over it.”

“Every time,” agrees Lena Disero, who lives diagonally across from Aeby.

“And the trucks are worse, especially ones with the trailers.”

The two say the sound has been an issue for five years and want it fixed.

“I thought I was the only one,” Disero says, chatting with Aeby during a chance encounter in front of the NOTL post office. “I said, 'How come nobody else hears this except me. I'm going deaf!' “

“It keeps me awake at night sometimes,” Aeby says.

“I wear hearing aids. I mean I wear the plugs at night but I still hear it. That's how loud it is,” Disero says.

Disero says she called the region about the grate, but says no action has been taken yet.

“They said, 'Oh yeah, OK we'll put it on record' but no record ever showed. They said, 'Leave it with us and we'll go and see what's happening.' “

A Region of Niagara official said she was unaware of the grate before receiving an inquiry from The Lake Report, but sent workers down right away to check it out.

“This is the first that transportation at Niagara Region has been made aware of this. There was nothing logged within our system. Upon receipt of your email, staff immediately went on-site this afternoon (Dec. 1) to investigate and they found no issues related to infrastructure on Mississagua Street,” said Carolyn Ryall, director transportation service, in an emailed response.

“Staff also investigated John Street West and there appears to be two catchbasins (four lids in total) that do make noise when driven over. No deficiency was noted. However, staff will investigate the lids further and repair as required.”

Ryall said the region is “confirming ownership and will repair if it is regional infrastructure.”

“If under the jurisdiction of the municipality, they will be notified of the request to investigate further.”

Disero says she's had to bring her dog in before because of the sound.

“She was scared one day. It is not right. If there is a flaw on the road they should be able to fill it and make it solid.”

“It's bothered me from the time I've moved, honest to God. I moved from a nice area in Aurora to a major highway.”

The two are hoping something is done to fix the sound for good.

“It's obviously a loose plate. It's not brain surgery,” Aeby says.




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