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St. Davids Lions Club sells $10,000 in burgers

There is no end in sight yet for what has become a popular weekend stop for community members to pick-up a burger in support of a local fundraising initiative. 

The St. Davids Lions Club has raised $10,000 since the end of July, when its Lion burger nights resumed. They're held on Friday evenings from 4 to 7 p.m. 

“We’re going to keep going as long as the weather holds. If the weather changes, then we will change,” said Ted Burrows, St. Davids Lions Club president. 

The plan to continue the Friday night drive-thru is motivated by the need to fund many charities the club supports annually, he said. “We have over 28 charities that we support and without our help they’re not going to get anywhere.” 

Burrows said during the pandemic the club is doing its best to support and work with as many charities as it does in a normal year to help keep them on track for success. 

“We want them to keep on going, but we can’t do it all ourselves,” he said. 

In previous years the club was able to offer more financial support, but the pandemic has had a huge impact on how the club can raise money. 

To hit $10,000 in fundraising from the burger nights will allow for support of at least a few of the regular charities. 

“That’s probably three charities we can split that amongst,” Burrows said. “The carnival ordinarily would have covered them all, no batting an eye, but now we’ll probably have to drop down in what we can give them so we can spread it out a bit more.” 

Seeing the long line of cars come into the club each Friday night for burgers really shows how much the community supports the program, Burrows said.  

“We have people in here that aren’t even Lions that are working” to help the club, Burrows said. 

“There’s something for everybody here and we don’t turn anybody away,” he said, “customers or help.” 

“If it stays like this, we’ll stay,” he added. “Someone even said we’ll cook hamburgers with parkas on, as long as we’re not walking in two feet of snow.” 

Once the weather changes, Burrows said the Lions Club will start to think about how it can deliver its famous fish fry with take-out options. 

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