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Green your house for up to $5,000

Enbridge customers could receive up to $5,000 back for making their homes more energy efficient, as part of Enbridge's Home Energy Conservation Program.

The program is for qualified homeowners in Ontario who use natural gas, propane, oil, wood, or electricity to heat their home and are renovating to make their home more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program offers a variety of incentives, including up to $1,000 for upgrading a furnace or boiler heating system, up to $500 towards a water heater or air-source heat pump, and up to $1,750 for upgrading insulation.

Customers must complete a minimum of two upgrades to qualify for rebates.

A full list of incentives can be found at, enbridgesmartsavings.com/home-energy-conservation/home-energy-upgrades.

“Now is the time to renovate and increase the value of your home,” said Steve Ramoul, energy auditor at The Home Inspectors Group.

“Homes built before 1996 will especially benefit from the program,” he said.

An online application to pre-qualify for the first energy inspection can be found here.

The inspection reveal areas of improvement (called retrofits) that will lower energy bills and increase home comfort and participants will receive $600 back on their final incentive cheque to cover the cost of two inspections.

Enbridge will also help participants find a professional contractor to complete the improvements.

“We have made the program more user-friendly, and we will even help you find a professional contractor to complete the home energy upgrades,” said Michelle Loleski, Marketing Lead at Enbridge Gas.

Approved contractors can be found at, hrai.ca.

Residences must be low-rise residential dwellings (detached, semi-detached, mobile home, or row townhouse) and participants must complete their work and post-inspection within four months of the initial pre-inspection.

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