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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
NOTL man, 18, charged with assault with a weapon during horse protest

An 18-year-old Niagara-on-the-Lake man is facing three counts of assault with a weapon in relation to a protest in Old Town on Aug. 23.

Niagara Regional Police spokesperson Stephanie Sabourin said Austin Gould is alleged to have “approached persons in the crowd and sprayed them with a substance.”

On Aug. 23, a group of animal rights activists and pro-carriage supporters met in the streets on NOTL to share their opposing views. Animal rights activist Adam Stirr claimed that day someone had sprayed three activists with what he suspected was urine.

Const. Phil Gavin said police “have some investigative suspicions” as to what was sprayed.

 “However samples have been sent to the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto for further testing and positive identification.”

Gould was released and is to appear in court in St. Catharines on Nov. 2, police said.