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Monday, September 26, 2022
Exploring Photos with the NOTL Museum: Royal visit arches

These former NOTL residents are posing underneath the wonderful horticultural arches that were made for the royal visit in 1901. The future King George V (aged 36) and Queen Mary (aged 34) of England (then the duke and duchess of Cornwall and York) were staying at the Queen’s Royal Hotel, which was on Front Street. The royal carriage was driven through a succession of three arches, one erected by the town, one by Dr. H. L. Anderson at his own expense and on behalf of the children of town, and one by Henry Winnett, proprietor of the Queen's Royal Hotel. The duke and duchess must have been impressed by these beautiful sculptures as they rode from the hotel to the train to depart Niagara. This photo is looking down Front Street from King Street. Queen’s Royal Park in located behind the fence on the right.