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Virtual paranormal evening Friday with Friends of Fort George

Fort George tours are back with a virtual paranormal evening.

The virtual paranormal evening is set for Friday, July 17, and to be hosted by tour guide Kyle Upton, who has been conducting regular ghost tours at Fort George for the past 27 years.

The scheduling of the event was chosen to be close to July 19, anniversary of the death of Sarah Ann, a prominent ghost at the fort.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Friends of Fort George website.

Attendees can expect, “a flavour of the atmosphere of Fort George, as well as a dose of story telling, a dose of history and an opportunity to delve a little bit deeper into the specific history and stories of Sarah Ann,” Upton said.

“We want people to get a bit of the flavour of the fort, in terms of imaging, video, slideshow, narrated slideshow, that sort of thing, just so that we can take people out of their living rooms and put them into the soldier’s barracks so they can better imagine. Yeah and then this person saw a little girl standing on the stairs here,” he said.

Upton added, “No, we’re not having a seance or anything like that.”

“The topic is to celebrate this one aspect of storytelling. But we’re not going to be calling up the spirits or anything like that.”

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