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Jul. 27, 2021 | Tuesday
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A tune of love: Daughter plays music daily for her mother at Pleasant Manor 
Trudy Enns plays the recorder for her mother, Betty Enns at Pleasant Manor outside of her window. (Jessica Maxwell)

Almost every day, Trudy Enns stands outside her mother Betty's window at Pleasant Manor and plays music for the 92-year-old.

“Music has been an important part of our family growing up and if that can remain until the end, we’ll just carry on,” Trudy Enns says. 

She started going to play the recorder for her mother in April after being off of work due to COVID-19 shutdowns in March. 

“I try to get there every day because I only work part-time,” Enns said. 

“I had time to pick up this instrument that I had laying around at home and start learning it,” she said. 

Betty Enns mother has Alzheimer's and lives on the ground floor of the Virgil facility. Throughout the pandemic visits have been restricted.

“I play it at her window and sometimes I’ve been lucky her window has been open and she can hear it and other times they’ve closed the windows, which is to do with COVID as well.” 

“The sound carries, as I hear that other people in the neighbourhood are hearing it, too,” she said.  

“So you’re trying to bring some joy, through music, into this sad time in people’s lives right now," she said. She is happy if others get to hear it. "Enjoy it then and listen. It’s not just for my mom.”