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Businesses denied patios on flower beds for now

While some Niagara-on-the-Lake businesses have opened patios on the street, others that don't have access to parking spaces in front of their buildings are wondering if can make patios on flower beds.

During Monday's committee of the whole meeting, Coun. Clare Cameron asked if the beds could be used to construct patios.

“If a business does not have parking spots available in front of their location, but there are flower beds at their location, is there any opportunity to construct a patio overtop of beds, if the beds will be completely replaced exactly as they are today?” she asked.

The town does not support that, said interim CAO Sheldon Randall.

“We did meet with one or two business owners that didn't have the ability to go onto the road. It was too close to the intersection. But the request was to to remove the flower beds, the walls for the flowers, and take it right down to the earth. We did not support that. I think that was over and above what we're trying to do,” Randall said.

“Our staff would have a lot of concerns about the flower beds being removed. And also, it starts to get into removing of sprinkler systems, and it could be a challenge for utilities in those areas, so unfortunately at this point, we weren't able to support that request.”

Lord Mayor Betty Disero said any business that would like to do something like that should apply for the patio program and email her, so she can make sure it's discussed at council.

Randall said the town would look at options if council so desires.

“If this is something council would like us to look into further, allowing those types of flower bed removals, we're more than happy if that's the direction this council would like to give staff, we will move forward with that direction.”

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