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Friday, June 21, 2024
Letter: Congrats to council on alienating constituents

Dear editor:

I am sure our town councillors are pleased with their recent initiative regarding closing Queen Street to traffic. Rarely can a governing body alienate all of their constituents with one action. 

Merchants will see a decline in business in an already difficult time. Tourists are complaining about the additional walking involved and the exacerbated parking problem.

Most still use the sidewalks (very few on the street) and some simply turn around and leave town at the sight of the barricades.

Old Town residents are now seeing their residential streets (Prideaux and Johnson) converted into main thoroughfares. Weekends now treat us to main street traffic jams.  

Individuals can come up with bad ideas and elected groups are there to provide sober second thoughts. ‎Clearly the latter was lacking in this instance. 

“There is nothing wrong with being wrong. There is with staying wrong.” 

Tom Caldwell
Caldwell Financial Ltd.

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