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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Bringing a smile to local seniors

A group of NOTLers have banded together to bring a bit of happiness to seniors in town.

Restaurateurs Ryan Crawford of Backhouse, Paul Harber of Ravine and David Watt of the Garrison House, have partnered with Erica Lepp to bring a special package to Meals on Wheels clients in town.

The package includes desserts like brownies and cookies, flowers, blankets, books, activity books, and a note that “just lets them know that their community is thinking about them,” said Lepp, who volunteers for Meals on Wheels and helped put everything together.

She said Watt came up with the idea and they all worked together to make it a reality.

The goal? Simply to brighten people’s day, Watt said.

For Watt, the worst thing about COVID-19 has been seniors dying and being isolated from their families.

“So, you just want to do something for people who are isolated and, you know, live their life in our country and they deserve better,” he said.

Crawford echoed his comments.

“Just like Dave said, it's like the elderly are just lonely, sitting by themselves. And sometimes their family can't even visit them, so we just wanted to kind of cheer them up and give them something to enjoy. We want to make them smile. We're chefs and we love making people smile through our food and through gifts through whatever we do,” he said.

“We just want to give back to the community … the community we live in and that supports us.”

Other members of the community who helped by donating are Del Rollo, Stacey Mulholland and Brand Boulevard.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the boxes can contact Lepp at ericalepp@yahoo.ca.

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