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COVID-19: No more active COVID cases in NOTL

For the past several days, there have been no active cases of COVID-19 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, according to statistics from the Niagara Region public health department.

At this time last week there were three active cases of COVID in NOTL, down from five a few days before that.

However, information from public health shows everyone from NOTL who had the virus has now recovered.

The town has had 21 cases in total during the pandemic.

The region started publishing details of each Niagara municipality's case numbers two weeks ago after repeated requests from residents and political representatives.

Lord Mayor Betty Disero said she is “proud” of NOTL residents “for taking this pandemic so seriously and protecting and caring for each other.”

“We have to stay vigilant in our actions to stay healthy like keeping a distance, wearing a mask, washing hands often and avoid touching your face,” she told The Lake Report.

“More people are coming in to every part of our town, especially on the weekends and  while the province is reopening slowly, the risk will be a little higher. So let’s just keep doing the good work we are doing together and we will get through this,” Disero said.

NOTL's long-term care facilities continue to do well and have not reported a single case, while across the country nursing homes have experienced thousands of infections and numerous deaths.

The region's statistics show of the 21 NOTL cases, all came from travel, close contact or community spread.

There have been nine travel-related cases, five community-spread cases and seven close contact cases.

Across Niagara Region, as of Wednesday, there have been 706 COVID-19 cases and all but 86 have been resolved, the region said. There have been 60 COVID-related deaths in the region.




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