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Niagara Falls
Thursday, February 29, 2024
Thieves smash glass door in Pet Valu break-in

The front door of the Virgil Pet Valu store was smahed during a break and enter early Tuesday morning.

Owner Carole Thibault said she was alerted by the security system in the early hours. 

The three cats in the store, familiar to many NOTL residents, are safe and sound, she said.

Thibault offered a special thank you to the nearby Virgil Animal Hospital for taking in the cats while broken glass was cleaned up.

Pet Valu is still open for business for residents who need pet supplies.

Niagara Regional Police said a male broke through the front door of the pet store at about four in the morning and stole a small amount of cash and about $200 in property.

There are no suspects at this time but the incident remains under investigation.

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