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Thursday, June 20, 2024
NOTL farmers’ market opens Saturday

Niagara-on-the-Lake's Farmers’ Market is back in action this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. with reinvented operations. 

Limiting the number of shoppers and vendors, a hand-sanitizing station and a reimagined product set up are all a part of the adapted farmers' market. 

Market co-ordinator Sharon Brinsmead-Taylor said she is feeling good about the layout for the first market. 

“We have markings on the pavement so if people are waiting to go in, they can line up two metres apart. When they get to the front of the line, they’ll have a tent set up with an ATM if they need cash and our hand-sanitizing station,” she said. 

They're only allowing one shopper per vendor booth at a time. “We have 10 vendors starting out this week so 10 shoppers will be allowed to go in to the shopping area at any given time.” 

Shoppers must use the sanitizing station before entering the market and vendors are required to sanitize after each transaction. Hand sanitizer for the market was donated by Limited Distillery in Virgil. 

Those attending the market are asked to have one shopper per household go in to the market area at a time to maintain physical distancing.  

There is no requirement to wear a mask for shoppers or vendors, but it is recommended. Gloves are not recommended. 

Shoppers can bring reusable bags, however they will be responsible for bagging their own produce and purchases. 

“Our vendors are not to touch anything that the customers bring in,” Brinsmead-Taylor said. 

“Products will be set up behind vendors and then they will pass them off to customers, rather than customers touching things.” 

She said she recognizes that the first few weeks may have a few hiccups, but the new system is pretty straightfoward. 

“I think we've got some really good protocols in place to ensure everybody's safety,” she said, “and I think we've got a really good variety of foods that are going to be available on a regular basis.” 

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