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NOTL company takes over Canadian Woodworking magazine

Canada's top do-it-yourself magazine is now owned by a company headquartered in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement has come under the wing of publisher Michael Fox's Inspiring Media, which also produces the online magazine Garden Making.

Fox, a resident of NOTL, purchased Canadian Woodworking in February.

The magazine was launched by Paul and Linda Fulcher's Sawdust Media Inc. from their home in Burford, Ont., in 1999 and grew into a major force among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The Fulchers stayed on with the magazine in sales and advisory roles.

“Under their care, the brand has grown to become Canada’s #1 DIY resource, with 20,000 print circulation and a website with more than 600,000 monthly page views for homeowners actively involved in maintaining and improving their home and furnishings,” says a statement from Inspiring Media.

Fox's company  provides communications and marketing support for businesses. Fox started out as a journalist and built a 30-year career in publishing, including a stint as senior vice-president for circulation and development of Rogers Publishing.






Woodworking instructors and their students now are eligible for an 8-month print and digital subscription to Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine at no cost to them. 

The education subscription includes full access to our online library of all past issues, and a selection of subscriber-only woodworking videos. Usually, this content is restricted to subscribers who pay the annual subscription fee (that helps fund the creation of our content). Thanks to the generous support of King Canada, we have a sponsor for the instructor and student subscriptions.

To take advantage of this offer, both instructors and students can register so we have the correct information at  learn.canadianwoodworking.com

We will arrange the digital access as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to pass this news along to instructors and students of woodworking. We don’t want people to stop learning about woodworking just because we can’t come together in groups at this time.


Hi Kevin,

1. Please, there is no need to report on the Woodworking education offer. It is doing fine but is not really a local story. I sent it off to you when we started it because I wanted to give it as much visibility as possible so we could bring it to the attention of woodworking teachers and students. 

2. Inspiring owns Garden Making which is digital only now. We stopped the print magazine in 2018. Inspiring bought Sawdust Media in February and that’s why I now am publisher of Woodworking.

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