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Volunteer Week: NOTL arts and culture organizations pay tribute to their volunteers

Volunteers are a driving force behind hundreds of arts and cultural events that happen in the community each year.

Even in these unprecedented times of disruption and uncertainty, NOTL’s arts and cultural organizations are joining together for National Volunteer Week, April 19 to 25, to send a shout-out to their volunteers.

Volunteers work tirelessly and make a difference every day of the year. They bring expertise, energy and dedication to everything they do.

Whether their role is greeting guests, organizing and participating in events and exhibits, fundraising, or answering a call for help, their gift of time sustains artistic and cultural organizations allowing them to do what they do best – illuminate lives and enrich the world through their dedicated support.

Besides the value volunteers bring to each organization, their contribution to the worldwide renown of Niagara-on-the-Lake as a premiere tourist destination is unmatched.

To each and every volunteer, the following organizations send a collective “thank you.”

“Cheers to the Guild’s team of 350 volunteers! Your donation of over 13,500 hours last year and your fundraising efforts to support the production of A Christmas Carol contributed to a terrific 2019 season at the Shaw Festival.”

– The Shaw Guild, Laurie Harley, president, president@shawguild.ca

“Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum. They are hardworking, passionate, smart, and just as important, they are fun. Their commitment provides an invaluable support to the staff, and without them the ongoing success of the museum would not be possible.”

– Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum, Sarah Kaufman, managing director/curator, skaufman@nhsm.ca

“The board and staff of the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre would like to send our heart-felt thanks to our volunteers for their contribution not only to the success of all of our special events from artists’ exhibits, to the Fashion Show, Art At The Pumphouse, Moonlight Picnic and Artful Treasures, but also to the volunteers who tirelessly worked on the renovation! We can’t wait for our doors to open again!”

– Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre, Patti Knipe, volunteer relations chair, volunteers@niagarapumphouse.ca

“We value all our wonderful volunteers, sending an extra special thank you to our weekly volunteers and to the leaders of our incredibly successful 2019 art sale fundraiser.”

– RiverBrink Art Museum, Debra Antoncic, director/curator, dantoncic@riverbrink.org

“Thanks to each and every TD Niagara Jazz Festival volunteer for your dedication and support. We couldn’t do it without you and we truly appreciate all that you do! A special shout out to Mary Garratt, our volunteer administrator, whose efforts make it all possible.”

– Niagara Jazz Festival, Juliet Dunn, executive director/artistic producer/co-creator, juliet@niagarajazzfestival.com

“For 22 years, Music Niagara Festival has presented world-class experiences in unique and intimate settings that connect the community and beyond, educate and inspire audiences and artists, and enhance Niagara-on-the-Lake’s rich heritage and culture. Music Niagara would not be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers. A huge thank you to our loyal volunteers that helped us evolve into a world-class summer music festival.”

– Music Niagara Festival, Karen Lade, general manager, klade@musicniagara.org

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