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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Letter: Rude resident at NOTL post office

Dear editor:

It is bad enough that residents are obligated to pick up their mail from the town postal station on a regular basis as they have no home delivery.  

One would have thought by now that the town might have devised a means to temporarily outsource a delivery service to handle home delivery for its residents during this COVID-19 crisis. Receiving mail is critical at any time but even more so now.

Today I waited in line to admit myself into the post office box area. I opened my box to find it overflowing. As I looked through the contents seeking the notice card I was expecting for a package that couldn't be delivered to my residential street address because I have a post office mox, a man began banging on the outside glass window, shouting at me to “Read your …  expletive … mail when you get home.”

As I exited the area for the street, I told him that I was not “reading my mail” but was looking for a missing notice card. I added that he might want to “calm down as we were all in this together.” His reply was even less humane.

We are all frazzled. We are all frustrated. We are all frightened. Extending a moment of compassion to a fellow resident never goes out of style.  

Nancy J. Ross

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