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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Letter: Shameful, disgusting treatment

Dear editor:

First of all, a big apology is due to Yvonne Bredow for the despicable treatment she has received, (“Racist attitudes a common occurrence,” The Lake Report, April 16).

This is disgusting and any person who treats people this way should be singled out for what they are – a bigot. 

And to think that she was fired for letting her employer aware of the bigotry in her business. 

I would love to know the name of this store and would never do business there again. 

Their name should be in this story so people realize the standards of this place of business.

I certainly hope the people who know Yvonne will reach out to her so she will know that some people in NOTL are decent, welcoming citizens. 

This is a terrible blemish and apparently NOTL is not as warm and welcoming as it would like to project.  Shameful and disgusting!

Janet Vanderslagt

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