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Monday, April 22, 2024
How do you handle scam calls?

Do today’s scam robocallers make you long for the good old days of duct-cleaning services who just “happen to be in your neighbourhood?”

It seems everyone gets the calls now, despite promised government crackdowns.

How do you handle such calls?

Do you just hang up? Ignore the ringing and just let it go to voice mail?

Hear the pitch and wonder if, maybe, this one actually is legit?

Do you ever follow their directions and click through so you can hear the voice from the “CRA,” “Microsoft,” “Niagara Regional Police Teddy bear drive?” Have you ever engaged with the scammer?

What is your advice for your neighbours? Let us know and we’ll compile a list of some of your suggestions and share the details with readers.

Email editor@niagaranow.com but be sure to put SCAM in the subject line.

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