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Silversmith Brewing partners with college toofferexclusive cask beers

You can try new cask beers, brewed locally, every week at Silversmith Brewing Company in Virgil.

Silversmith has partnered with Niagara College’s Teaching Brewery to produce different, all-natural cask beer every week, year-round.

Each Monday, a new cask will be delivered to Silversmith and will be available to beer enthusiasts by Tuesday.

Beers will be designed and brewed by students in the third semester of the brewmaster program using hops from the on-campus hop yard. Casked beers have sugar and yeast, which gives them a distinct flavour.

The cask beers from Niagara College will only be available at Silversmith.

“As part of Niagara region’s tourism area for food, wine and drink, we believe it’s important to support Niagara College and its Teaching Brewery – which is the first of only two brewing schools in Canada,” Silversmith spokesperson Ben Goerzen said in a statement.

“We’re proud that this is the first partnership of its kind in Niagara and we’ve had a great response. Every week, the featured cask beer sells out well before the next one comes in.”

The idea came to fruition thanks to college student Ian Evans, who works part-time at Silversmith, and pitched the idea to his employer. Evans’ beer, Sherlock’s Cap, was the first cask beer offered at Silversmith in early November.

The latest brew, a west coast-style ale called Loggerhead, created by student Dan Clark, was added on Dec. 3.

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