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Saturday, September 24, 2022
Diodati 18th in expense list

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati is 18th on the 2016 list of total expenses for Niagara regional council members, spending $3,505 in 2016.

His expenses were: $849 in mileage, $1,787 in conference-related expenses, $0 in other expenses, $452 in NPCA expenses and $416 in NPC expenses.

The information comes after the Niagara Region made the expense list available to the public on Tuesday.

The records show the average salary of a regional councillor in 2016 was $30,405.49. Regional Chair Alan Caslin earned $131,804 plus $20,033 in benefits and $24,251 in expenses, equalling $176,089.

The expenses of regional councillors ranged in 2016, from $554 (Ted Luciani, mayor of Thorold) to $19,648.19 (Paul Grenier) and $24,251.47 (Caslin).

Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop spent $2,481.

Grimsby Mayor Bob Bentley spent $6,033.

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton spent $7,698.

Lord Mayor of Niagara-on-the-Lake Pat Darte spent $2,178.

Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn spent $7,817.

Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney spent $2,102.

St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik spent $1,673.

Welland Mayor Frank Campion spent $7,718.

Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs spent $4,676.

West Lincoln Mayor Doug Joyner $6,876.

Bart Maves, Bob Gale and Selina Volpatti, regional councillors representing Niagara Falls, spent $2,305, $7,011 and $6,339, respectively.

In total, expenses by regional council members was more than $207,000. Of that, NPCA expenses were around $14,000.

In 2015, Diodati ranked 22nd on the list of regional councillor expenses, spending $3,023 — $1,001 on milage, $1,340 on conference-related expenses, $62 on other expenses, $592 on NPCA expenses and $26 on NPC expenses.