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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Garbage delays continue to plague senior

Frustrated and fed up, Niagara-on-the-Lake resident Kaspar Pold was threatening to bring his uncollected garbage to the town hall Monday after he once again had to deal with garbage pickup that was delayed for several days.

Pold, who lives on Concession 2 Road, said his garbage wasn’t picked up last Thursday although his recycling material was collected. When Pold called the region the following day, he was told the crews would be collecting garbage until 8 p.m. Friday.

His bin was left untouched until early Monday morning.

“It’s kind of depressing in a way,” Pold said. “It should not happen and I find it really difficult to understand how a crew driving one of those trucks could miss the (bin) standing there on the driveway beside the road. You just can’t miss that.”

Back in the summer he experienced similar problems with missed pickups.

He said he emailed Lord Mayor Betty Disero on Friday night and, in another email sent to the town and the media on Saturday, he announced his plans to bring his garbage to town hall Monday.

Pold said the region’s acting public works commissioner Catherine Habermebl emailed him on Monday saying his garbage would be picked up as soon as possible but it had already been collected between 6 and 8 a.m. Monday.

The lord mayor also responded to Pold on Monday, suggesting next time he notifies her right away and she will contact the region for pickup.

“Seems a strange way to do things, I know, but it seemed to work the previous time you emailed,” Disero told Pold in an email.

Pold said there haven’t been any garbage delays since he last spoke to The Lake Report about it in July. At that time, his garbage wasn’t collected on Thursday but, after the mayor contacted the region, it was picked up on Saturday morning.

“(The lord mayor) did it at the time out of goodness and sense of duty, which I respect,” Pold said, explaining he didn’t email the town right away last week because it’s not lord mayor’s job to call for garbage pickup.

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