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Cyclist pays it forward in Niagara

When English adventure cyclist Ben Watts pedalled through the Niagara Region last July during a North American tour, his luck took a turn for the worst when his bike was stolen.

Police could not initially locate the stolen bike, so members of the Niagara community rallied together to get him a new one.

Now, Watts is paying the favour forward by spreading a bit of holiday cheer.

Police located and recovered the stolen bicycle in August, and on Dec. 20, at Watts' request, it was turned over to Niagara Falls' resident Sue Gabrielli, who along with her family assisted Ben after the theft.

“I am happy to hear my bike was recovered,” said Watts in a police release. “A thank you to (local police) for their hard work.”

“I am back in London England, so I have asked that one of my friends in Niagara Falls collect the bike for me and donate to someone who may be in need and could really use it, or to sell the bike and to do good with the proceeds. I'll never forget the warmth and love that was shown to me by the local community in Niagara, it'll stay with me for a lifetime.”

Watts said he's looking forward to visiting Niagara and friends he made again someday.

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