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Convert to paperless billing and NOTL Hydro donates $10 to tree fund

When Niagara-on-the-Lake residents switch to paperless billing, they can help make the community a little greener.

NOTL Hydro is donating $10 to the town’s Tree Fund every time a customer chooses to go paperless. The fund helps replace ash trees with a combination of samplings and mature trees, NOTL Hydro said news release.

Tim Curtis, president of NOTL Hydro, said converting to electronic bills is better for the environment and saves money as it costs about $10 a year to mail the bills.

“E-billing has a number of benefits for customers, including ease as the balance and notification comes to your inbox, historical bills are available online, no paper to handle and no concerns in case of a postal strike,” said Curtis.

As of early August, 19 per cent or 1,870 hydro customers had opted for e-billing, said Curtis. That’s an increase from under 17 per cent when the initiative was launched in February.

“Getting people to change takes time and effort,” Curtis told The Lake Report. “It’s something we have to proactively do and when we have new customers come in, we try to put them on electronic billing. But getting people to change is never easy.”

NOTL Hydro is planning to donate all money to the tree fund by the end of this year.

Residents wishing to switch can log into their hydro account and choose paperless billing. Donations are given only when paperless billing is chosen as combined paperless and paper billing options do not apply to the promotion.

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