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May. 25, 2022 | Wednesday
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Town looks for organizations celebrating major milestones in 2020
Flower bed at Mississauga and Queen streets celebrates the St. Andrew's Church's 225th anniversary. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

If any Niagara-on-the-Lake groups or organizations are having a big milestone in 2020, their anniversary can be celebrated with a flower bed at Mississauga and Queen streets.

Applicants are welcome to submit a letter to the town providing background information about their organization and their contribution to the community and explaining their milestones and how many years they’re going to celebrate next year.

Letters should be sent to the town’s parks and recreation office by Sept. 30.

After the group or organization is chosen, the town’s park and recreation department will meet with the recipient to discuss the design, logo and colour scheme of the flower bed. The plants that the town usually uses in the bed are bloodleaf, yellow bloodleaf, various colours of prelude series fibrous begonias and senator series fibrous begonias. 

The winning group will also have to pay $1,000 to cover the cost of the medallion that is placed in the middle of the flower bed.

All groups, regardless of their anniversaries – whether it is 50, 100 or 250 years – will be considered, said Kevin Turcotte, the town’s manager of parks and recreation.

“It’s nice to recognize groups that have been in the community, that are celebrating significant anniversaries,” Turcotte said. “It’s always exciting to see the submissions and the length of service some of these organizations have given to the community. So, to have two churches that celebrated 225 years is pretty significant for the community, I would say.”

This year, the flower bed celebrated St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church’s 225th anniversary. Last year, it was a tribute to the Act to Limit Slavery. In 2017, the flower bed celebrated St. Mark’s Anglican Church 225th anniversary. Volunteer firefighters were commemorated in 2016, Niagara Camp at the Commons in 2015 and the United Empire Loyalists were celebrated in 2014.

The flower beds usually go in around late May or June and come out around October.

“It adds a nice, attractive feature to the gateway into Old Town,” Turcotte told The Lake Report.