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DSBN goes for 2,000,000 minutes of coding

Students around Niagara are taking part in the global Hour of Code movement, with the goal of reaching 2,000,000 minutes of coding between the entire DSBN.

The program, which encourages students to spend at least one hour learning computer coding, started as an introduction to computer science to show that anyone can learn the basics of coding, and has since evolved into a global movement reaching tens of millions of students across the globe.

At the time of writing this, students were well on their way, and had logged 974,950 minutes of coding time since Dec. 4.

The program runs from Dec. 4 to 10 as part of Computer Education Science Week and offers a wide variety of themes, directed to different grades and interests.

For high school students, there are options like a Star Wars or Wonder Woman themed programs, a Minecraft-themed program and a program to design your own Google logo.

Globally, nearly 500 million people have participated in the Hour of Code movement.

The DSBN said if every student spends one hour coding, the goal of 2,000,000 minutes is attainable.

To follow the DSBN's goal to 2,000,000 minutes, visit ihubniagara.ca/hour-of-code/.

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